Planar Travels

Day 1

Getting Started

The Party has been summoned home to The Keep, where they are receiving orders to begin a new mission. This mission is to track down escaped criminal Mance Raider and recover a lost and powerful artifact…The Rod of Seven Parts.

Mance was a Sorcerer that the party recently meet during a prison riot they were asked to help quell. However it was due to the party that Mance escaped and they have now been tasked with tracking him down and bringing him back to justice.

The group learns that the reason Mance was in prison was for killing a king’s royal mage. The mage had recently learned the location of a piece of a fabled artifact known only as The Rod of Seven Parts. The rod was an ancient weapon designed to kill even the most powerful of gods. Legend has it the rod was broken after a mighty battle in which the rod was used to end the fight. However those who broke the rod, did so with their lives. More rumors suggest that the rod was sent to the many planes of existence and it is there that the pieces wait…

Mance has discovered that the rumor of the pieces landing on alternate planes of existence is indeed fact, with a magic not of his own Mance came to their world seeking a piece of the Rod, and he found it. After escaping prison, Mance uses the chaos to grab the rod piece and escape out though a portal he set up in a nearby town.

A scout for the Keep saw this and reported back, after a few days of research and experiments, the keep is now able to recreate the portal Mance used. There is a downside, the trip is sadly one way. The party must now not only track down Mance, but find the remaining parts for the Rod and find a way back home.

Cut off from their friends, families, allies and their world, will they be able to trust in not only themselves but in their group mates.



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