Planar Travels

Session Three

Necromancers, Skeletons and Bears oh my

The party has now entered the tomb of Shogth. As they approached the main entrance they have come across a group of skeletons as well as a bugbear. Bugbear.jpg

Lilbit deals with a skeleton that sadly knocks her out of a few moments. Mort deals with the bugbear that is blocking a door. Monsterprints_0004_Skeleton_copy.jpg

Soon after this fight they move to another room. In this room lies a Human Necromancer, after battling this spell caster Caladrell was unable to dodge the death curse thrown at him but was able to survive they damage done by the massive attack. core_images_portraits_humans_transparent_necromancer.png

Clearing this room the group now moves onto a second hallway, again with more skeletons and then uncovering an Alchemy lab and library. Here the party discovers that the piece of rod was within the temple and possibly how to find and track down the piece.

Kaja is drawn to a blade with in the room that was being experimented on, carrying within a soul and an intelligence this blade has chosen her to be its bearer.

Here the party stops and recovers setting up bedrolls and blankets, knowing the next day that something larger was coming, something darker.

End of session three…



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