Planar Travels

Session Three
Necromancers, Skeletons and Bears oh my

The party has now entered the tomb of Shogth. As they approached the main entrance they have come across a group of skeletons as well as a bugbear. Bugbear.jpg

Lilbit deals with a skeleton that sadly knocks her out of a few moments. Mort deals with the bugbear that is blocking a door. Monsterprints_0004_Skeleton_copy.jpg

Soon after this fight they move to another room. In this room lies a Human Necromancer, after battling this spell caster Caladrell was unable to dodge the death curse thrown at him but was able to survive they damage done by the massive attack. core_images_portraits_humans_transparent_necromancer.png

Clearing this room the group now moves onto a second hallway, again with more skeletons and then uncovering an Alchemy lab and library. Here the party discovers that the piece of rod was within the temple and possibly how to find and track down the piece.

Kaja is drawn to a blade with in the room that was being experimented on, carrying within a soul and an intelligence this blade has chosen her to be its bearer.

Here the party stops and recovers setting up bedrolls and blankets, knowing the next day that something larger was coming, something darker.

End of session three…

Session Two
Gods and Tricks

The party journeyed further into Tranamar’s forest, soon seeing a group of what looked like soldiers they soon gathered their battle stances but this proved to be not needed as they soon realized this camp was an Illusion and they were indeed being stalked by Covenus Shen trickster god of Tranamar.CSingame.png

Covenus soon explained to them that he had sensed their arrival into this world and decided to see what they could really do, after explaining other things Covenus blessed Kaja with the gift of invisibility and Lilbit with the gift of Stealth.

The party then begins to move on…discovering the entrance to the Tomb of Shogth

End of Second Session…

Tripping the rift.

The party has stepped though the massive red portal and arrived on the world of Tranamar, an alternate version of Golarion, where many of the lands and races are the same but Magic and Deities are not.

They land in the Jungle of Trana, soon after arriving the party learns that time does not flow the same as it did on Golarion, the days are longer and the nights even shorter.

Using a compass given to them to help track down Mance, they begin heading deeper into the forest, there they learn they are being followed. Realizing that a fight would be starting soon they arrived at a clearing to combat the threat.

However the party soon realized that threat was much larger and deadlier then they were, a group of Megarapters. The group fought long and hard, taking massive damage but were eventually able to defeat the pack and heal their wounds for the evening. Megaraptor_namunhuaiquii_jmallon.jpg

Moving on after sleeping and healing the group arrives at another clearing, it is here that they begin to learn more of their world they are dealing with, and Lilbit has discovered an offering shrine to Laneas, Tranamar’s Goddess of the Hunt. After laying an offering at the shrine for some help with this new world, Lilbit realizes that she can soon move with the grace of a feline. (Received a Blessing of permanent Cat’s Grace, +4 bonus to Dexterity)

While also in the clearing, Mort soon hears a voice that draws him to a second shrine nearby, upon touching this one Mort learns that the Dwarven race of Tranamar is all but extinct and any connection to the earth was gone. But this shrine was to Xamjir, God of the Earth.

Realizing that another dwarf was back on Tranamar, Xamjir gifted a small earth elemental to Mort not only for a connection to the earth but to protect the last dwarf alive..250px-Earth_elemental_1.jpg

Here is the end of our first session…..

Meet the Party

Meet the Party:

Lilbit: Gnome, Level 5 Hunter/Level 1 Rogue: Lilbit is the Daughter of Arch Druid Neji. A Hunter with an ego larger than her size. (Played by Liz)

Kaja Neworth: Elf, Level 6 Samurai (Ronin): Kaja is a woman of few words and larger action. (Played by Serena)

Mort Fireax: Dwarf/Tiefling, Level 5 Warpriest/Level 1 Monk: Son of renowned rogue Faern Fireax, a Dwarf who lets the power of his gods flow though his fists. (Played by Ron)

Minathia: Half Elf, Level 6 Warpriest: Daughter of Aeraeme, a woman who heals as much as hurts. (Played by Morgan)

Caladrell: Elf, Level 6 Magus: A man looking to better himself and his magic. (Played by Chris)

Wulkax: Dragonborn, Level 6 Sorcerer/Level 1 Fighter: A man out of time and searching for a way home. (Played by Scott)

Day 1
Getting Started

The Party has been summoned home to The Keep, where they are receiving orders to begin a new mission. This mission is to track down escaped criminal Mance Raider and recover a lost and powerful artifact…The Rod of Seven Parts.

Mance was a Sorcerer that the party recently meet during a prison riot they were asked to help quell. However it was due to the party that Mance escaped and they have now been tasked with tracking him down and bringing him back to justice.

The group learns that the reason Mance was in prison was for killing a king’s royal mage. The mage had recently learned the location of a piece of a fabled artifact known only as The Rod of Seven Parts. The rod was an ancient weapon designed to kill even the most powerful of gods. Legend has it the rod was broken after a mighty battle in which the rod was used to end the fight. However those who broke the rod, did so with their lives. More rumors suggest that the rod was sent to the many planes of existence and it is there that the pieces wait…

Mance has discovered that the rumor of the pieces landing on alternate planes of existence is indeed fact, with a magic not of his own Mance came to their world seeking a piece of the Rod, and he found it. After escaping prison, Mance uses the chaos to grab the rod piece and escape out though a portal he set up in a nearby town.

A scout for the Keep saw this and reported back, after a few days of research and experiments, the keep is now able to recreate the portal Mance used. There is a downside, the trip is sadly one way. The party must now not only track down Mance, but find the remaining parts for the Rod and find a way back home.

Cut off from their friends, families, allies and their world, will they be able to trust in not only themselves but in their group mates.


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