Planar Travels


Tripping the rift.

The party has stepped though the massive red portal and arrived on the world of Tranamar, an alternate version of Golarion, where many of the lands and races are the same but Magic and Deities are not.

They land in the Jungle of Trana, soon after arriving the party learns that time does not flow the same as it did on Golarion, the days are longer and the nights even shorter.

Using a compass given to them to help track down Mance, they begin heading deeper into the forest, there they learn they are being followed. Realizing that a fight would be starting soon they arrived at a clearing to combat the threat.

However the party soon realized that threat was much larger and deadlier then they were, a group of Megarapters. The group fought long and hard, taking massive damage but were eventually able to defeat the pack and heal their wounds for the evening. Megaraptor_namunhuaiquii_jmallon.jpg

Moving on after sleeping and healing the group arrives at another clearing, it is here that they begin to learn more of their world they are dealing with, and Lilbit has discovered an offering shrine to Laneas, Tranamar’s Goddess of the Hunt. After laying an offering at the shrine for some help with this new world, Lilbit realizes that she can soon move with the grace of a feline. (Received a Blessing of permanent Cat’s Grace, +4 bonus to Dexterity)

While also in the clearing, Mort soon hears a voice that draws him to a second shrine nearby, upon touching this one Mort learns that the Dwarven race of Tranamar is all but extinct and any connection to the earth was gone. But this shrine was to Xamjir, God of the Earth.

Realizing that another dwarf was back on Tranamar, Xamjir gifted a small earth elemental to Mort not only for a connection to the earth but to protect the last dwarf alive..250px-Earth_elemental_1.jpg

Here is the end of our first session…..



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