Planar Travels

Meet the Party

Meet the Party:

Lilbit: Gnome, Level 5 Hunter/Level 1 Rogue: Lilbit is the Daughter of Arch Druid Neji. A Hunter with an ego larger than her size. (Played by Liz)

Kaja Neworth: Elf, Level 6 Samurai (Ronin): Kaja is a woman of few words and larger action. (Played by Serena)

Mort Fireax: Dwarf/Tiefling, Level 5 Warpriest/Level 1 Monk: Son of renowned rogue Faern Fireax, a Dwarf who lets the power of his gods flow though his fists. (Played by Ron)

Minathia: Half Elf, Level 6 Warpriest: Daughter of Aeraeme, a woman who heals as much as hurts. (Played by Morgan)

Caladrell: Elf, Level 6 Magus: A man looking to better himself and his magic. (Played by Chris)

Wulkax: Dragonborn, Level 6 Sorcerer/Level 1 Fighter: A man out of time and searching for a way home. (Played by Scott)



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